What is Safer Sex?

Safer Sex
In the age of AIDS, everyone should know about safer sex. HIV can infect anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, sex, age, race, or economic class. While the incidence of AIDS is much higher in some populations than in others, it is not who you are that can give you AIDS, but what you do.

Aids Proofing Your Kids
AIDS PREVENTION IS NOT SIMPLY INFORMING our kids, making them aware, putting condom machines in schools, or lecturing them on abstinence. Unfortunately and tragically, our various governments think so. Too many public health and educational authorities unfortunately think so. Too many writers and celebrities unfortunately think so. WE'RE GOING TO SHOW YOU HOW, in upcoming articles, you can effectively teach, without embarrassment, and get your kids to practice and develop the habits of safer-sex and/or abstinence.

Sex Myths
Four guys talk about common sexual misconceptions and how they respond. Good advice for anybody. (video clips)

How to talk with a partner about smart sex
But lots of people aren't doing what they know they should because they are uncomfortable talking about their decisions. They're too embarrassed to bring up the subject; they fear rejection; or they just aren't sure how to say what they want to say.

SM: Safe Magic for Gay Men
Members of the SM community are very familiar with negotiating safety issues. And so it is no surprise that we were quick to respond to the danger of HIV/AIDS. We were among the first to integrate safer sex principles into our lives. Unfortunately, the danger is not yet past.

Just Say Yes (outside link)
Just Say Yes means having a positive attitude about sexuality -- gay, straight, or bi. It means saying "yes" to sex you do want, and "no" to sex you don't. It means there's nothing wrong with you if you decide to have sex, and nothing wrong with you if you decide not to. You have the right to make your own choices, and to have people respect them. (Este librito est� disponible en Espa�ol)

Just Say Yes is an irreverent and unabashedly pro-safe-sex, pro-woman, pro-queer, and pro-choice comprehensive sex education pamphlet. It was originally written for Chicago High School students by the Coalition for Positive Sexuality Highly recommended, very opinionated (some people might disagree, for instance, about their negative opinion of IUDs and Norplant), but right on target.

Hot Sex, Safely (outside link)
The goal of this guide is to give people of all genders, orientations, and preferences the information they need to perform a wide variety of sexual acts safely, pleasurably, and comfortably. (from the Society for Human Sexuality at the University of Washington)
Talking about safer sex (outside link) (new)
Being informed is not enough. You must be able to negotiate safer sex with all your partners from now on. (from Self-Help Psychology Magazine)

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