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what's next
for safersex.org?

I've got a lot planned for this site and there is a lot to work with. To start with, the site (since it is the oldest safer sex educational site on the net) has a huge link equity of over 1900 links pointing to it throughout the web. It is featured as the "best of the net" in too many publications to mention here, right now, and is referenced in numerous CD-ROM's and books concerning sexuality on the net. Given all of this link equity and attention it is no surprise to know that over 70,000 people a month peruse the information contained here.

The site itself contains over 75 megabytes of information in its files. I'm working on the site at night after my little girl has gone to bed so as I am able to slowly sift through the files and verify ownership and copyright issues I will make the files available. As it is I have been able to slowly transfer the existing files from the site's previous host onto this new host so all existing links to within the site should be up and available again.

I have received numerous emails from administrators on other sites requesting that existing links be kept intact so if you are worried about this be assured I have and will continue to do so.

So here's a brief sketch of some of my plans for the domain:

  1. You may have noticed that there is advertising on the site now. John Troyer has told me that he always envisioned the site becoming advertiser friendly so as to pay the bills through advertiser revenue. Given my familiarity and contacts within the industry I am more prepared to make this a reality than John could have done. I am currently building the back-end applications to create an ad network with safersex.org as its hub. The idea here being that some percentage of the existing inventory will be used to support non-profits and informational sites out on the web which deal with educational issues. So if you have such a site and are interested in becoming a member of such a network please drop me a line with your contact information and I will work with you to both develop a banner for this site as well as lay the groundwork for inclusion of the safersex.org banner network on your site.

  2. Also of relevence to this site but completely missing from its pages is the topic of date rape. In the not too distant future we will incorporate a new section on date rape and various methods to protect yourself from this most hideous of crimes. If you have any sites you'd like us to look at or any additional information you think might be of help in preparing content such as this then please feel free to drop us a line.

more to come soon...

Gottfried Straube
- Gottfried Straube
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