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Birds and Bees in the Nineties

Producer: Motion Media Productions, Incorporated (1992)

Availability: Motion Media Productions, Incorporated, 4005 Mill Creek Dr., Annandale, VA 22003. (703) 280-4015.

This videorecording emphasizes the importance of communication between partners before sexual intimacy to prevent the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STD's). In a series of vignettes, heterosexual couples are protrayed negotiating condom use; different methods to begin this conversation are depicted. The attitudes and knowledge of each partner about safer sex are discussed. While abstinence is stressed, facts about latex condoms, anal sex, and HIV transmission are given. The accompanying teaching guide also suggests ways that parents can approach their children to discuss the facts about HIV and AIDS.

The Complete Guide to Safe Sex: The 90 Minute Video and Book

Producer; Laird Sutton, Clark Taylor, The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (1988)

Availability: Multi-Focus, Inc., 1525 Franklin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109. (800) 821-0514.

Synopsis: [From the producer] IS A VIDEO THAT GOES ALL THE WAY REALLY NECESSARY? As sexologists we know from many years of experience that the best sex education matarials are explicit. Because we care about health and well-being, graphic sexual materials have been used throughout the video guide. A potpourri of sexual behaviors all considered safe are explored, including: negotiation techniques; masturbation (male and female); heterosexually; homosexuality; a male masturbation party using low risk behavior; how to use condoms demonstratin; S/M discussion on how to have communication. Designed to be used in sections or as a whole. EXPLICIT. The book is authored by the seniro faculty of the Institute and it has been hailed as the most authoritative text and workbook yet written on AIDS prevention and sexual behavior.

How to Use a Condom: Condom & Lubricant Demonstrations

Producer: Laird Sutton, Clark Taylor (1988)

Availability: Multi-Focus, Inc., 1525 Franklin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109. (800) 821-0514.

Synopsis: Using an acrylic model of a penis, Dr. Clark Taylor, sexologist and AIDS instructor, demonstrates the correct and incorrect ways to put condoms on and take them off. Also shown are the uses of lubricants and nonxynol-9 jels and foams which can gretly help in the control of the spread of AIDS and othersexually transmitted diseases when properly used. This video is also available on a two-hour tape that can be played in a clinic or office waiting room. Available in Spanish.

Latex and Lace

Producer: Laird Sutton, Janet Taylor and Dolores Bishop (1988)

Availability: Multi-Focus, Inc., 1525 Franklin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109. (800) 821-0514.

Synopsis: This video staarts with a discussion where women, give us an intimate view of the impact the AIDS crisis has on their lives. Following the discussion, many of the women take part in a "for women only" safe sex party. Using a variety of latex products, hot-tubbing, massage and dancing, video provides alternative behavior for women that is both safe and erotic. EXPLICIT.

My Body's My Business

Producer: Cultural Research and Communication, Incorporated (1992)

Availability: Libra Films, 2600 10th St., #204, Berkeley, CA 94710. (510) 549-1443.

Synopsis: This videorecording examines the impact of HIV and AIDS on female sex workers and street prostitutes. It features several prostitutes and ex-prostitutes who recount their experiences about keeping safe on the streets with their dates, and also at home with their boyfriends. They discuss the various reasons men give for not using a condom and approaches that can be used to convince them to do so. It also explores methods that can be used to put a condom on a man without his knowledge. (This material contains sexually explicit language and/or pictorials that may offend some readers/viewers.)

New Vibrations: PSA

Producer: San Francisco, CA: San Francisco AIDS Foundation, Educational Materials Department (1993)

Availability: Impact AIDS, 3692 18th St., San Francisco, CA 94110. (415) 861-3397.

Synopsis: This videorecording contains four versions of a safer sexual conduct public service annnouncement (PSA) created to encourage condom use and HIV-antibody testing. It depicts a variety of mixed and same sex couples embracing, while the words "joy", "communication", "pleasure", and "love" are displayed superimposed on them. Background music of "new vibrations" is provided by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Version 1 is intended for mainstream television broadcast and comes both with and without the phone number for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Version 2 is slightly more revealing and is intended for use where censorship is less of a problem.

Norma and Tony: Following Safer Sex Guidelines

Producer: Laird Sutton, Clark Taylor (1988)

Synopsis: Specifically created to graphically illustrate safer sex guidelines. Two frienda meet and discuss their interest in a sexual relationship, AIDS, and how they can enjoy sexual intimacy without putting their health at risk. They spend an afternoon experimenting with condoms, latex squares, lotions and other protective products. Norma and Tony provide role models, illustrating open communication skills and sexual hygiene techniques. EXPLICIT.

Relapse Network News.

Producer: San Francisco AIDS Foundation (1992)

Availability: Impact AIDS, 3692 18th St., San Francisco, CA 94110. (415) 861-3397.

Synopsis: This videorecording contains feature stories on HIV relapse prevention projects developed by the STOP AIDS Project, San Francisco; the Northwest AIDS Foundation; and the Gay Asian Pacific Alliance (GAPA) Community HIV Project. The vignettes feature peer education efforts, outreach, and advocacy. All sections illustrate the importance of continuing the safer sex messages to gay men in the areas where they live. The segment produced by GAPA emphasizes the efforts that have been utilized to target gay Asian men. (This material contains sexually explicit language and/or pictorials that may offend some readers/viewers.)

Safer Sex Shorts

Producer: Gay Men's Health Crisis

Availability: GMHC (Gay Men's Health Crisis), Publications Orders, 129 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011-0022.

Synopsis: A series of erotic and explicit "shorts" combine the rhythms of music videos with slick, rapidly edited images. Scenarios include: Something Fierce (a condom demonstration); Midlnight Snack (featuring oral sex); Car Service (making it in the back seat); Current Flow (safer sex for women who have sex with women); and Law and Order (serious S/M). Each of the shorts is approximately five minutes in length and are available separately or on a single compiliation tape.

Sex, Condoms and Videotape

Producer: University of Connecticut, AIDS Risk Reduction Project (1992)

Availability: University of Connecticut, AIDS Risk Reduction Project, 406 Babbidge Rd., U-20, Rm. 107, Storrs, CT 06269-1020. (203) 486-4875.

This videorecording is designed to teach students specific skills related to HIV prevention. The video consists of vignettes involving four couples, in encounters ranging from a one-night stand to a four-month "long-term" relationship. During the video they face situations where they need to buy condoms, carry condoms, negotiate safer sex with a partner, handle condom use after drinking alcohol, exit when a partner refuses to practice safer sex, discuss HIV testing, and make sure they consistently practice safer sex. The four couples represent typical adolescent relationships, and all of the scenes address specific issues and model difficult situations. Accompanying the video is an instructor's manual, which includes video discussion questions, a section on introducing the subject of abstinence, a fact sheet on AIDS and condom use, and a resource and information directory.

Sex, Love and AIDS (Part 1 & 2)

Producer: Laird Sutton, Exodus Trust (1989)

Availability: Multi-Focus, Inc., 1525 Franklin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109. (800) 821-0514.

Synopsis: A very frank conversation between nine HIV positive men (two of whom are in part 2) is provided in part 1. The men talk in explicit language about their feelings and compare strategies for safer sex. Part 2 (Bob & Jeff) is a pattern video of two men who explore several possible options for safer sex including the use of condoms, latex squares, kissing, light bondage and showering together.

Steven's Message

Producer: YouthWave (1992)

Availability: YouthWave, 3315 Sacramento St., Ste. 351, San Francisco, CA 94118. (415) 647-9283.

Synopsis: This videorecording is a message from Steven Murrell, a young man who contracted HIV through an unsafe heterosexual contact. He urges all adolescents to practice safer sexual behavior, and expresses deep regrets that he did not. A series of snapshots show him before and after he became HIV-positive. His wish was that this video would be similar to that made by Yul Brynner before his death from lung cancer caused by cigarette smoking. The video ends with the dates of Steven's birth and his death.

When Two Guys Meet

Producer: Edan Programs (1988)

Availability: Multi-Focus, Inc., 1525 Franklin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109. (800) 821-0514.

Synopsis: This program shows a chance meeting of two gay men and their interest in starting a relationship. Before becoming intimate, Robert and Tim agree on safe sex activities to protect themselves from AIDS. This video demonstrates the need for balancing intimacy and compaionship with and awareness of the unacceptable risks in exchanging body fluids. The video poses good discussion questions.

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