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Welcome back to the new Safer Sex Page!  A couple of years ago the site was hijacked and shortly after I regained control of it there was a massive hard drive failure which resulted in the entire site disappearing for a long long time.  My archives at the time were in a state of disrepair and with everything else going on in my life it just didn't seem possible to put the time back into recovering the sites archives, rebuilding, etc.  But that was then.

Today I have a brand new spanking server from which to work.  I have much fewer difficulties with getting this site back up off the ground and although I don't have much time I do have the intention to rebuild.  In the upcoming days and weeks I hope to reveal more stuff I've been working on but for today at least I have gotten the latest version of Movable Type operational.

Art Condoms

  • Life Guard
  • Vulpture Inc.
  • Simpson's Condoms?
  • Condom Bindaas Bol
  • A Solution To Enrique's Tiny Problem

Condom Blog

  • Good Intentions Gone Awry?
  • Condoms & Global Climate Change
  • Shrinking Market in the UK?
  • Enrique's Small Penis
  • Back & All Over the Place

New Stuff

  • Pjur Analyse Me Comfort Spray
  • Pjur Superhero Performance Spray
  • Trojan Intense Ribbed Condoms
  • Pjur Med Clean Intimacy Spray
  • Manglide by Astroglide

Link Lust

  • "Smell Yo Dick"
  • One Size Does Not Fit All
  • For Condoms, Maybe Size Matters After All, Entrepreneur Bucks One-Size-Fits-All Standard With First Custom-Fit Product
  • Condom Song - Telugu
  • 20th Anniversary Photos of Females Toplessness in NYC

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