Movable Type User Manual: WEBLOG CONFIGURATION

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Movable Type supports many options for configuring the way your weblog works. There are four different screens in the Weblog Configuration section:

Core Setup



IP Banning

To ban a certain IP address from commenting on entries in your weblog and sending TrackBack pings to your weblog, you can use the IP Banning screen (part of the Weblog Configuration set of screens).

Note that IP banning is not an exact science, and that it should not be considered true security for your site, because an IP address does not necessarily ``mark'' a user as unique. IP addresses are often dynamically assigned by ISPs, for example; this means that a user's IP address may change from one session to the next. In addition, computers at public sites (a library, for example) may always have the same IP address, but the user using the system will certainly not always be the same.

In other words, you should be careful when banning IP addresses.

To add a new banned IP address, enter the IP address into the IP Address: box, and press ADD TO LIST. To remove an IP address that is currently banned, check the checkbox next to that IP address in the IP Ban List, and click the DELETE button.

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