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Each weblog in the Movable Type system can have multiple authors assigned to it, with varying levels of access. Movable Type uses a role-based authorization system, meaning that you assign access to authors by enabling or disabling them from performing certain ``roles'', or actions. For example, you might have one author who you trust completely; you could assign this author full permissions, to post to your weblog, edit templates, edit author permissions, edit categories, etc. You might have another author who you do not trust quite as well; you could only allow this user to post entries (and edit his own posts that he has made in the past).

To edit the permissions of an existing author, login to Movable Type, then click Add or Edit Weblog Authors. Select the author name from the pulldown menu, then click EDIT. On this screen you can assign permissions on any weblog for which you have author-editing permissions. You can add an author to one of your weblogs by selecting that weblog from the pulldown menu at the bottom, then clicking add.

You can edit your own authoring permissions by selecting your own name from the pulldown menu. Be careful when doing this, however, particularly with respect to turning off author-editing permissions for yourself. If you turn off your author-editing permissions, you will be unable to turn them back on.

To add a new author to the system, login to Movable Type, then click Add or Edit Weblog Authors. In the Add an author section, enter the new author's username, email address, and website URL; then enter a password for the author. You can assign authoring privileges to the new author by selecting from the weblogs listed at right, and checking the appropriate boxes.

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