Here are the main HIV and AIDS resource lists, where you can find anything that isn't listed here. I've also listed a few specific sites that deal mostly with education, prevention, and safer sex.
  • AIDS information (Queer Resources Directory)
  • On-Line AIDS Information from the AIDS Research Information Center (new)
  • Virtual Library: AIDS
  • AIDS/HIV from Yahoo
  • HIVNET (European arm of the Global Electronic Network for AIDS)
  • WHO Global Programme on AIDS
  • AIDS/HIV info (IRCAM, Paris, France)
  • AVERT AIDS Education & Research Trust (UK) (new)
  • NIAID gopher AIDS information
  • Centers for Disease Control Homepage
    • CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse web and gopher
    • Morbitity and Mortality Weekly Report (Adobe Acrobat PDF files)
    • MMWR (text files)
  • FAQ
  • VA AIDS Information Newsletter, including tables of contents for series on
  • HIV-Negative by William I. Johnston. A book exploring the psychological and social issues facing HIV-negative gay men. Contents and selected chapters online.
  • HIV Electronic Media Review (U Queensland, Australia)
  • AIDS Education Training Project (U Arkansas)
  • UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention
  • Risk Advisor software

Contraception & Reproductive Rights

(under construction)

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

(under construction)
  • Pamphlets on STDs (NIAID gopher)
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (from the FAQ)
  • STDs and HIV (HIV Counselor PERSPECTIVES, 3/93)
  • STD resources
  • Herpes: The Hidden Disease
  • Sexual Health Advocate Peer Educators (U Missouri)
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases by John T. Daugirdas, M.D., a book targeted at grades 7-12.

Women's Health

General Health

  • Health from Yahoo
  • Inter-Links Health Resources
  • Health Explorer (UT Houston)
  • Health & Medicine (GNN Whole Internet Catalog)
  • Healthwise (Columbia) featuring Go Ask Alice!
    • Sexual Health & Relationships answers from Go Ask Alice!
  • Specifica: Links for Medical and Mental Health
  • HEALTHLINE (U Montana)
  • Health Information Page (U Alberta) also has interactive downloadable shareware like">AIDS in America

Sex and Sexuality

  • FAQ (hypertext version, recommended)
  • FAQs (,,
  • Queer Resources Directory
  • Queer Infoservers Directory
  • Sexuality from Yahoo
  • Gender and Sexuality section of the English Server
  • San Francisco sexuality resources
  • No More Victims (sex abuse discussion)
  • I want to know about... sexuality information from Ottowa Planned Parenthood
  • The Society for Human Sexuality
  • Safer SM Education Project (AIDS Committee of Toronto)
  • Safe Edge: A Manual For SM Play Contents and selected chapters online.
  • Red, Hot, and Bothered Indie Rock Guide to Dating
  • Safe Sex: The Card Game (new)
  • Stop AIDS Project

Safer Sex Businesses on the Web

Only businesses that sell safer sex supplies are listed here. For a good listing of other adult mail order businesses on the web, try Yahoo.

Phone numbers

To get free brochures, or to ask any questions about HIV infection or AIDS, call the CDC National AIDS Hotline. They also can tell you about local numbers you can call.

         CDC National AIDS Hotline: 1-800-342-AIDS (342-2437)
                           Spanish: 1-800-342-SIDA (342-7432)
                          Deaf TTD: 1-800-AIDS-TTY (243-7889)
              National STD Hotline: 1-800-227-8922
National Lesbian & Gay Crisis Line: 1-800-SOS-GAYS
      National Runaway Switchboard: 1-800-344-7432
              Teens & AIDS Hotline: 1-800-234-TEEN (Wed Jan 24 19:47:54 1996)