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Hello, and welcome to the reborn Safer Sex Forum. We've got our code monkeys working on new software, but in the meantime, we'd like to hear from you.

Welcome to the Safer Sex Page

How are we doing?
John Troyer (Feb 2, 96 1:21:26 PST)

Welcome back! So I'm curious to know what you'd like to see up here. Feel free to use this space to congratulate us on our cool website and tell us what you think of the nasty Communications Decency Act.

and remember, John says "Play Safe!"

anonymous (Feb 5, 96 6:25:46 PST)

Great site, but i would like to know more about anal sex and lubrificantes.

christophe, actup-paris, [email protected] (Feb 5, 96 8:27:55 PST)

I'd like to see information on gay men and safer sex.Otherwise, this site is great

[email protected] (Feb 5, 96 16:46:20 PST)

i am doing a report for a human sexuality class on cybersex, cyber porn and all the controversies surrounding the internet sexually speaking. your page represents one of the best uses of this medium to get information out there that is useful. keep up the great work.

[email protected] (Feb 6, 96 6:48:42 PST)

Very glad to find this site among those listed by USNEWS&WORLD REPORT artice (12 February 96) on "How more people are fending off AIDS (Magic Johnson's NBA return)." I hope this site will be helpful in my volunteer and school library work. THANKS!

[email protected] (Feb 7, 96 13:10:09 PST)


[email protected] (Feb 7, 96 14:58:24 PST)

I decided to browse your site after reading about it in the Chronicle of Higher Education. As a future college employee, I know that having access to information such as this is very important to college students. Here's hoping the old Congressional farts don't shut you down! :)

anonymous (Feb 7, 96 16:44:15 PST)


Small-wolf [email protected] (Feb 8, 96 13:53:35 PST)

This is a great site but i can't find information on the sexual-comportment of young adolencent, statistic or watever. I am doing a research in english. It is a debate on selling comdon at scool (High-scool). I have the contesting side, but not by conviction. I can't find valuable argument. Can you help me ?

italicus (Feb 9, 96 15:45:57 PST)

I'm from Italy. 33 years old. I find very difficult to find websites where to speak about gay adults (50+ years). Someone could help me?

Art (Feb 11, 96 0:24:52 PST)

I would like to see weekly questions like you had previously.. I found the discussions very entertaining to read and participate in.

Max Kessler [email protected] (Feb 11, 96 17:18:03 PST)

I'm a health science major at SUNY Brockport.

For an example of how upset I am at the ``people'' who support the CDA visit my web site.

[email protected] (Feb 12, 96 1:38:24 PST)

My patented product, safe sex pants used together with a condoms can prevent sexually trasmitted diseases more efficiently than any other devices. I need help to promote it to the world.

George (Feb 16, 96 11:19:23 PST)

great job continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jenny [email protected] (Feb 17, 96 19:32:26 PST)

I just recently came out of the closet, (sort of) and need help telling my friends and family. I'm a 19 year-old female freshman at auburn university and my new decision might cause my parents to blame school. If anyone who reads this has any suggestions on how to break the news to them, E-MAIL me at the above address. THANK-YOU!

jenny [email protected] (Feb 17, 96 19:41:54 PST)


SDSEATS@aol (Feb 22, 96 19:22:25 PST)

you guys rule- i think what you're doing is great. I actually was looking for more info on latexdams cause i can't find them in a drug store where i live. more info on oral sex would be appreciated

Thomas Hansen, Norway (Feb 23, 96 1:14:23 PST)

A very good way of supplying todays youth with the how's and what's of safer sex... Keep it up!

[email protected] (Feb 24, 96 18:44:51 PST)

While having sex,I find myself falling from safe-sex into higher risk sex-what's the secret of staying on the safe-sex wagon?

Ksn [email protected] (Feb 24, 96 22:05:22 PST)

Safer sex is better sex. Stay safe, stay alive. we are the future. E mail me.

[email protected] (Feb 28, 96 10:27:54 PST)

I think that this page could be very useful for young people who cannot get the answers they need from other sources..i.e. afraid to ask their parents or teachers. I think that it is high time that people get their acts together and start realizing how their lives can be changed by a "one night stand" or "fling". The actions that you take can be consequential to not only yourself but to your future love interests. One of the best things I ever did was to get tested for HIV. It was tough, but because I knew that I had made a couple of unwise sexual choices --I knew I could not keep hoping I didn't have it. I went through all the preliminary sickness stages in the three weeks prior to receiving my test results. I have never felt more protected by my friends and family. I have never been so afraid in my life. I had a friend come with when I went to get the results back. I do not think I have ever felt as fabulous in my life as when I heard the nurse say I was negative!! I think that I really enjoy a sunny day a little bit more and am happier now that I know where I stand. Get's one of the best things you can do for you psychi! Sometimes it is good to live within a question but when you are in doubt about HIV infection it is better to live in the NOW!!

[email protected] (Feb 29, 96 21:55:33 PST)

I just wanted to tell the person who was having a hard time finding latexdams that you can cut up a condom. If you have access to latex gloves (without powder), those will work too, and they are cheaper than condoms. Have fun!

[email protected] (Mar 4, 96 13:24:17 PST)

As an outreach volunteer, I find that gay men and women are often embarassed to ask questions reagarding sexuality and risk reduction. It is encouraging to know that they have the option of finding the info the need on the Net!