Do Condoms Work?

Do Condoms Work?
Absolutely. Although controversy persists regarding whether condoms are an effective means of preventing human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) transmission, condoms that are readily available, effectively promoted, and used correctly and consistently, play an important public health role in HIV prevention. (new)

Condom leaks and breaks
There have been recent reports of naturally occurring holes in latex that are big enough for HIV to pass through. Why does CDC still recommend condoms to prevent HIV infection? (CDC)

FDA regulations on condom testing
Is it true that FDA does not have specific regulations regarding condoms?

Consumer Reports: How Reliable are Condoms?
Consumer Reports (April 95) ranked condoms. Here are CDC comments on the Consumer Reports study
  • see the original article: Consumer Reports: How Reliable are Condoms? (outside link)

Mariposa Foundation condom study
The Mariposa Foundation ranked the safety of 31 brands of condoms, BUT the FDA said that the the study is flawed and therefore cannot be relied upon to judge the relative quality of various brands of condoms. ( the ratings from Frontiers magazine (7/93) via the QRD

New Labeling to Provide Information About Contraceptives and STDs
FDA has notified the manufacturers of certain contraceptives that labeling accompanying their products must state that they do not provide protection from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including AIDS. The labeling changes are expected by the fall [1993].

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