Rosie the Riveter goes to the rubber factory

America is at war ...

America is at war. And the battle rages on here at home where our proud women -- wives, mothers, the girl next door carry out the fight in the nation's arsenal.
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And today ...

And today, America is still at war. Only now, the enemy is a dreaded disease, and the only defense is the weapon called prevention. Here, in this factory, America's women are once again fighting the battle, creating legions of latex lances.
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Latex lances

[375K QT] [300K MPEG] The Condom forms are double dipped into the vat of latex,
[265K QT] [360K MPEG] then pulled up out of the vat.
[449K QT] [332K MPEG] The excess latex is shaken off.
[381K QT] [267K MPEG] The dried condoms are rolled off the glass forms.
[535K QT] [505K MPEG] The condoms move along the assembly line.
[190K QT] [138K MPEG] They're wrapped.
[168K QT] [77K MPEG] The sealed condoms go by.
[232K QT] [187K MPEG] And are put into outer wrappers.

But before they see the light of day ...

But before they see the light of day, these durable devices are put through the entire range of testing and quality control.
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They're stretched out

And blown up
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Until they explode
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Isn't it ironic that in this day of mindboggling technology, the most effective device to prevent the spread of aids is almost as old as civilization itself: the condom.

Taken from the the videotape Making It ... Safe, available through

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