Once Again 
May Day 98 

"I changed my mind" he said 
My Dark Strong Lover Man. 
My heart stopped, tears start... 
My voice trembles. Am I a fool? 

Thick my loins, full to brimming. 
Will this ever end? That never answered. 
Hope's door opens pleasure rises up 
Touch so deep, my heart resounds. 

Muscles ripple, smell the sweat. 
Loins strain, Breath so hot. 
Plow the Earth sow this seed. 
Love wrapped in Lust, a gift. 

Auburn curl across his broad chest. 
Hard through the heaving storm. 
Eager Kiss finds rime salty sweet, 
Ache and Need the only Sound. 

Head thrown back  bared to my bite 
Bare Powerful assault rains on a willing mate. 
A Strongman dear and open to my taking 
Pleading. Take the ripe fruit down 

This connection heart to heart 
Spicy smell of men's exultation. 
Joy erupts, Molten geyser Hot 
Our souls seared, branded so willingly.