Heirarchy of Sin

     We know a fine Christian Reformed couple, the female side of which has 
     some compulsion to share with my wife the sordid details of all the 
     wild and kinky things going on in their bedroom. You wouldn't 
     believe it (or maybe you would)!
     And there's the rub ... these are the kind of people who are the
     pillars of your congregation ... tithers and quick to volunteer ...
     who would be totally horrified and mortified if the congregation
     found out what we know. And yet they are the first to condemn
     Most people, including christians, believe in a "hierarchy of sin",
     wherein their personal transgressions are of a lower order of
     importance than those of others. This seems to be an essential
     tool in coping with guilt ... there always needs to others who
     are much worse.
     This perspective suggests that "straights" should be thankful for
     gays and lesbians ... and, indeed, that is probably the
     subconscious case. But it also requires that homosexual behavior
     remains high on the "sin list", so there is very little hope that
     it will ever be accepted as a legitimate lifestyle choice.
     I can't help but think that God probably couldn't care less about
     our sex lives ... so as long as our sexual behavior isn't hurtful
     to others there's no need to justify ourselves. And I do think
     that, with respect to God's view, you are absolutely correct ...
     He does care about and does value the "good" we do.
     Just the reverse is true of our peers, however. "Sin" rules; "Good"
     sucks! I found out the hard way that all of the good one does
     counts for nothing when one stands formally accused. Of course,
     this is perfectly obvious to anyone who follows what the media
     calls "the news" ... it should have come as no surprise.
     I noticed a bumper sticker today that credits the Pope with this
     statement ... "If you want peace, work for justice."
     Justice is what's missing from much of our societal interactivity.
     Its a simple concept, really ... "Why do you search for the spec
     in your neighbor's eye, when you can't see the log in your own?"
     ... "Do unto others ..."
     But again, doing justice doesn't do as much to assuage our guilt
     as does accusation and prosecution ... so I suspect we'll continue
     to be a mean society.