A New Friend 

Dark horses run ahead of me, 
racing the storm. Thunder heads boom, 
Rain drops sting my upturned face. 
Washing the pain from my heart. 

Empty and open, my dance card discarded. 
Alone and wanting, a watcher once again 
The beasts scream against the wind. 
The dark clouds boil against the sky 

The sky cracks with white light 
Pregnant with desire, new life stirs 
a sheltered petal opens ryme pungent. 
A tall dark man open to my thoughts. 

New light in the heavens, brilliant beam 
A new body in my orbit, brave heart beats 
Talk of Trust and Loving breasts together 
Easy laughter, Strong bodies embraced. 

The archer reaches for his shaft 
strong limbs stretch to their limit. 
breath comes in beating blasts 
Ardent labor done, the horses scream. 

A New friend and lover found. 
Bright light in the Heavens. 
To mark my way as Polaris, 
Strong and steady in my sight.