The Word of God

I don't think we can preach about a God "out there" or purvey a 
gospel that does not involve ourselves,warts and all.  At the center of 
Christianity, at least, is a notion of the divine becoming human and, 
especially in Greek Orthodoxy, of the human becoming divine  (He made 
himself poor that we might become rich, etc.)
In my studies I have come to realize that the Bible and all its contents are
not the word of God (as we profess at the end of readings) but the word of
God according to man. 
I think we gays, bi's and lesbians should continue to reachout, search and
include God in our lives. It is sad that American society is so terribly
archaic in it's thinking. I am convinced that we have not escaped  religious
persecution. That was why the 1492 group fled Europe. They were feeling
oppressed.  Europe is so much more tolerant of gays and bi's than we are here
in America. 
We must continue to enlighten "straights" (God I hate labels). We must
continue to teach them that we are good honest, caring, loving people. I get
especially upset when the images of 'queens' are used to exemplify gays. I
get upset when, during coffee hour after church someone will say "Homosexuals
are all child molesters". I invite them to go home and look at the Sunday
paper and count the number of children who have been molested by
We recently found need to have a new priest at out parish. The old confessed
to fucking around with one of our female parishoners and was working on two
others. (So much for heterosexual priests)  I suggested to the search
committee that find a gay priest. That way we would know exactly where we
stood!! Instead we got a very boring minister and deacon wife.
Our bishop, when asked, said that he has ordained gay priests (celibate) in
the past and would do so again. He also sees nothing wrongwith a mongamous gay or lesbian relationship. I find this a breath of fresh air. I feel good to be Episcopal. I can build and grow on this. 
So I invite all members to join the cause. When you hear an injustice being
spoken, speak out, gently and kindly. Point out that Jesus never spoke of the
subject. Point out that divorce was considered a sin and punishable by death.
That one seems to always be glossed over.
I invite you to read a great book entitled Wrestling With the The Angel by
Brian Bouldry, Editor. It is a compliation of stories of  faith and religion
in the lives of gay men covering all religions.