Subject: Arguing against faith
I really need some good responses to the whole "the biblesays..."  line 
of thinking.
It's hard to argue against faith, because to be worth anything at all faith
has to be maintained in defiance of reason; otherwise--logically--it isn't
faith, it's just perception.  You're faced with the absolute, absolute
opposite of the "reasonable doubt" defense; in this case the jury must
reach one verdict only, no matter how many doubts they have, otherwise
they're not on the jury any more.
Because faith comes with this difficulty factor attached, some people take
their own adherence to it as evidence of their strength of character, and
this moral value *increases* the more challenges are put in their way.  So
any challenge you mount acts as a stimulation to further statements of
conviction.  This may well drive you to desperation!!
You're dealing with stubbornness/courage on their part, and all sorts of
human emotions (including pride in the stamina of their faith under all
circumstances) which mean that they mustn't hear your arguments, however
clearly you express them.
Just a thought ... is it possible that you view standing up to him
(particularly given that your job would be on the line) as a test of
courage?  A "test" of being bisexual?  I've often felt that way when people
talk about homosexuality in my company, but in my case I know I learned
that particular response from when I was a Christian, and the story of
Peter denying Christ because he was afraid of the crowd was hammered home
to us.
        I should clarify that I didn't mean that we should endlessly
butt heads with people who for religious or whatever reasons are just
not going to listen to anything you say anyway.  Just that we should
make our opinions known where it might make a difference.