Other Barriers

Condoms aren't the only game in town. An impermeable barrier between you and your partner can protect you against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Other devices -- both new technologies and old, can help keep bodily fluids out of the way with no muss, no fuss.

Simple Guide to Dams
Latex dams are rectangular pieces of latex a few inches square which are used as a safer sex barrier during oral sex. During sex, latex dams are stretched across your partner's genitals to prevent your tongue from touching your partner's juices. They are effective method of disease prevention, but can be difficult to hold in place.

Reality, the Female Condom

Reality Condom
REALITY Female Condoms: Insertion and positioning

About the Female Condom
Researchers are trying to find ways to give women better methods of protection from sexually transmitted diseases, like AIDS, by developing female condoms. One of the products may soon be sold at your local pharmacy. (12/92)

Reality, the Female Condom (outside link)
The female condom is a soft, loose-fitting plastic pouch made of polyurethane (not latex) that lines the vagina. It has a semi-stiff plastic ring at each end. The inner ring is used to insert the device inside the vagina and hold it in place. The outer ring partly covers the labia area and holds the condom open. (from the alt.sex FAQ)

Press Clippings
Press clippings on Reality, the female condom. Collected in the AIDS News Service and the CDC AIDS Daily Summary.

Avanti, the Polyurethane Condom

News you need to know about plastic condoms
Safe sex has met the space age: You can now use condoms made of plastic! Why would you want to use plastic condoms, you ask? Here are a few reasons.

Plastic Condoms
These are answers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to questions submitted by the CDC National AIDS Hotline concerning polyurethane condoms. (CDC, 1/95)

latex allergies (FDA)
The Avanti brand plastic condoms are recommended only for people who suffer from allergies to latex condoms.

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