I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed or commented to this page. Obviously, a lot of these links are to other people's sites. Thanks also to people for dropping me notes about mistakes and alerts to other sites, etc. I apologize if I've forgotten anyone.

Thanks also to:

  • The entire cast and crew of the USS Minnow, otherwise known as our new Editorial Board. They are going to really knock your socks off.
  • Michael Howe of the VA AIDS Information Center for his newsletter and innumerable FAXes and pointers to information. He has provided much of the information on these pages; I literally could not have done this without him. Many, many thanks.
  • Scott Fisher for helping with multimedia.
  • Mark Schoen for donating audio and video.
  • Liz Highleyman for her Safer Sex Brochure
  • Dan Greening for permission to use part of the FAQ
  • Don Morehouse for his article on AIDS risk reduction strategies.
  • Webster's Weekly, Nancy Boling and the Coalition for Positive Sexuality for Just Say Yes
  • Nelson Minar and Jeremy Corry for the Oral Sex Reference FAQ
  • Terry Gordy ([email protected]) for video digitizing and editing. (with assistance from David Phillips)

I'd also like to thank M. J. Dominus for noting that his picture of a dental dam was one of the few things that WWW indices turned up when you searched for "sex." It occurred to me that a Safer Sex Page would be a good thing to be listed in the index as well, and so I made one.

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